Psycho-Social Impact of Verbal and Non-Verbal Interaction of Adult Gangsters and Juvenile Prisoners in KP Jails


  • Dr. Ihsan Ullah Khan Department of Sociology, FATA University TSD Dara NMD
  • Abdullah Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Political Science and Education, Bacha Khan University Charsadda
  • Dr. Syed Shujaat Ali Department of Sociology, University of Peshawar


Verbal and Non-verbal communication, Juvenile Inmates, Adult Gangsters, free interaction, psycho-social behavior change


This study inspected the impact incurred through unobstructed verbal and non-verbal interaction of adult gangsters over juvenile inmates’ wellbeing. Different jails of KP were studied under concurrent triangulation design of mixed methods research. For quantitative data, simple random sampling was used to collect information through interview schedules from 132 juvenile inmates while for qualitative data, an interview guide was used to collect data from 50 participants through in-depth interviews. The study revealed that free verbal and non-verbal communication leads to implicit changes in the behavior and mental health of juvenile inmates in jails. Also, juveniles use drugs freely, are sexually abused by adult criminals, and joined gangs for physical and financial support. It is recommended that the government must look to the provision of basic facilities inside jails, apply the JJSO 2000, and arrange separate jails for juvenile to safeguard them against spillover and negative effect of spoilt gangs.


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