06 Unfolding the Honour Killing Documentary ‘A Girl in the River’: A Multimodal Telecinematic Analysis


  • Zafar Ullah PhD student, English Linguistics, Lecturer in Department of English Studies, NUML, Islamabad


Honour killing, Feminism, Documentary, Multimodality, Telecinematic


The novelty of this study lies in the self-agonized experience of the survivors of honour killing victim and the least work has been done on this award winning documentary. This research interblends gender studies, feminism, film discourse and telecinematic features through multimodal discourse analysis. This study aims to probe existence of visual, aural, motion, editing and other colour modes to heighten the voice of honour killing survivor in the documentary „A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness?. Major findings reveal that utterances, scenes, background music, modes, modality markers and several telecinematic features have been employed to enhance the narrative effect that honour killing doesn?t have any connection with Islam rather it is a social pressure which compels male members of the family to exhibit pseudo honour by shedding the blood of a helpless girl.


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