01 Conceptual Metaphors for Women in Literary Canvas: A Study of Hamid's Moth Smoke


  • Tehreem Ijaz M.phil scholar, Foundation University (FURC)
  • Dr. Muhammad Yousaf Lecturer, NUML (Islamabad), NUML (Islamabad)


Conceptual Metaphor, Gender, Moth Smoke, Pakistani Society


The present study aims to identify conceptual metaphors used for women in Pakistani society and highlight the general conceptualization of female gender prevailing in Pakistan. For this purpose, the theoretical framework of Conceptual Metaphor Theory has been used. It  involves the method of Content Analysis and Hamid’s novel Moth Smoke has been selected as sample, assuming it to be an appropriate source for the required data as it has been written within the Pakistani context. The findings show that according to the selected novel, in our society female gender is considered to be submissive and women are expected to play their role in nurturing others and taking care of all family members. The present study indicates that if a woman fails to retain her relations and deviates from the social norms as mentioned above, she is considered to be harmful for the society, setting a bad example for other women.


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