02 Translation, Adaptation and Cross Language Validation of New Active Procrastination Scale and Passive Procrastination Scale


  • Dr. Saadia Aziz Associate Prof, Department of Applied Psychology, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad
  • Dr. Naeem Tariq Children Youth and Families Foundation


Translation, Active procrastination, Passive procrastination, Cross language validation


The present study was carried out with an objective to translate and validate New Active Procrastination Scale and Passive Procrastination Scale into Urdu as both the constructs are slightly new and there were no translated measures available that had been validated upon indigenous population. Brislin’s translation guidelines were followed and forward and back translation method was adopted. The study was completed in two phases; try out and translation, adaptation and cross language validation. Each phase was completed with independent sample forboth forward and back translation to translate the scale from source to target and target to source language. Cross language validation authenticated the test re-test reliability of NAPS. Results of the study revealed that translated versions of both scales are reliable and adequate for indigenous use. Limitations of the study are highlighted and future suggestions are also discussed.


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Author Biography

Dr. Naeem Tariq, Children Youth and Families Foundation