Guidelines for Article Submission

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Submission Requirements


All submissions are currently being made via email. Any article not abiding by format guidelines will not be accepted for processing. The title of the article submitted should be brief, academic in nature, and descriptive




Articles having more than three authors will not be acceptable. Authors must appear in the order intended for publication, along with designation, name of institution  or organization, including department and city/state/country and the corresponding author’s details (email, contact number). No author will be added post-submission.




Abstract of the paper should not be more than 150 words.  Include 3-5 keywords.




Provide complete in-text and end references for the paper.




Acknowledge all sources and funding.




 6. Follow APA 6th edition for article format




JGSI discourages Turnitin reports provided by researchers. If the article is part of a dissertation or project for which Turnitin has already been done, this must be mentioned in the email and the report attached with the article.




An article is complete only if it includes Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results/Discussion and Analysis, Conclusion and References sections.

Each submission must be accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee of Rs 8000/ Non-refundable publication fee of Rs 12000/ will be charged at the time of article acceptance. Fees must be accompanied by a cover letter stating names of authors and article title. Bank Drafts/Pay Orders sent without a cover latter, may not be processed in the author's names and be discarded, leading to non-processing of article for publication.