About the Journal

The Journal of Gender and Social Issues has been in print since 2001. It is one of the oldest university journals of its kind and has sought to maintain its place amongst the multidisciplinary journals of Pakistani universities. Being published under the aegis of the Women Research and Resource Centre of Fatima Jinnah Women University, the journal has been placed by HEC in Y category, and plans to improve its category in the next stage of HEC recognition system.

JGSI encourages the publication of quality research across disciplines of social sciences and humanities. The journal strives to advance scholarly and scientific discussion of issues that bring together scholarship in the fields of social sciences and humanities. To advance and promote research in all sectors of Social Sciences and promote publishing of high quality theoretical and empirical research is also the aim of the journal. In fulfilling this aim, the journal brings together experts from within Pakistan and around the world to help researchers improve their ability to document research processes and findings. For this purpose, the journal accepts quality articles and book reviews on a rolling basis. Since the journal is multidisciplinary, the review committee is a combination of academics from various disciplines. This makes the committee a balanced one and one that is able to review articles from various disciplines as well as cross-disciplinary research. Once the articles are received, they are sent to the first stage of review and are sent to experts around the country while in the second and final stage, articles are examined by international experts in the field, who evaluate and further polish the presentation of the research findings, thereby fulfilling the HEC requirement and contributing to scholarly output at the same time.

Publication of material in the journal means that the author assigns copyright to JGSI including the right to electronic publishing. However, authors may use their material in other publications acknowledging JGSI as the original place of publication. Requests by third parties for permission should be addressed to the Editor, JGSI.