Resurrecting Voice: A Subaltern Study of Doshi and Singh’s Selected Poems


  • Ms. Saba Sikander MPhil Scholar, Air University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Maria Farooq Maan Assistant Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Social Sciences, Air University Islamabad
  • Mr. Imad Uddin MPhil Scholar, Air University, Islamabad


Subaltern, rape, harassment, unheard, resurrecting voice


Due to the emerging academic scope of subaltern studies, it is crucial to have a nuanced understanding of peripheral narratives of/about the subaltern women exposed to brutality and injustices for a long time. This study aims at adding another dimension to Spivak’s famous question, Can the Subaltern Speak? In the light of the selected poems, it can be said that the unheard stories of the subaltern have no means of expression because of the long-endured marginalization. Rather than dismissing the brutal treatment towards the women, it is significant to resurrect their voices. The present study attempts to revive and rejuvenate these voices and prevent them from fading away completely. The study does so by conducting a textual analysis of selected poems of Tishani Doshi and Chandni Singh.


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